“There is great depth in content, easy to understand and goes beyond the text book. It gives me a chance to research and explore. My way of thinking has greatly improved, I’m able to learn in class and just need to
revise at home. I now have a lot of free time to pursue my hobbies.”
                         -Adele Pinto

“It’s great fun in learning here, my thinking skills are put to the test and I am able to study independently.”
– Samuel D’Souza


“IGCSE is fun and amazing, you need to put in effort as you need to learn through understanding. It was a bit difficult to switch to a new way of thinking, but after three months is much easier and I am able to use my divergent thinking skills learnt here. I am not afraid to ask doubts and sometimes questions which may sound
silly. I don’t have to mug up answers, but write what I understand. To top it all I’m enjoying.”
– Aicha Falcon

“I’m having a whole new experience out here. Lessons are more understandable, there are other activities
in class and I’m having a lot of fun while learning.”           
                                                – Ethan Pereira

“This learning experience is amazing in so many different ways. There is a lot more clarity in thought and simplicity in understanding. The teaching methodology is wonderful, I’m able to understand in class and don’t find it hard at all. There is no such thing as ‘mugging up’ as it’s all application based. I’m able to think on my own, with a different perspective and express my creativity.”                                              – Dione Donald


“There is more attention in class as the numbers are less. There is a lot more use of technology in the class which makes learning more interesting. The environment in the class is very good, there is no pressure to ‘mug up’ and I can write answers in my own words. We have independent working space and are encouraged to be creative.”

– Christopher Gowda


“This curriculum has made a huge difference in my life. It has taught me to think, understand and have an open mind. It’s almost my second home, I concentrate in school, revise at home, complete my work and then free. The exams are not at all tough, they are based on understanding and require application of knowledge. I think IGCSE is definitely worth a try!”
                                                                                                   – Nicole Vaz

“What we learn here is not limited to subject knowledge, we learn how to link education to our daily lives. We learn about values we need to inculcate which is so essential in life. We are offered help even after school hours
if we need to clear our doubts. I’m learning to think for my own.” 
                        – Ry-elle Ramos

“Any one nervous to join IGCSE, please don’t think so, because I’m enjoying it and it’s fascinating. The lessons are simple and easy to understand. You get personal attention. I’m comfortable to discuss and clarify my doubts.
I am more confident, creative and imaginative as never before.”     
                                    – J. Anushiya

“It’s been about five months now since we’ve begun and I can already see a lot of changes in myself. I’m a lot more imaginative, think and do things differently and much more updated about what’s happening around the world. I read and research much more and have become more social. Initially it was a bit tough to bring in the changes, but I’m enjoying it as it’s much more fun and I like it.”                                              – Jessica Lobo